Alien router periodically kicking all devices and only emits a faint signal.

  • I just got the device 3 days ago, the first day worked great and I was so happy that I made a good purchase, but 24 hours later, all my device disconnected and the wifi signal can no longer be found. Only when I bring my phone right next to the router, it can detect a very low signal from it and can't even connect because it's so faint. Reboot didn't work and a factory reset made it work for 3 more hours. After which even factory reset would not work anymore.

    I left everything at default so DFS is disabled. I even checked the upstream switch even tho it's definitely a radio emitter issue, but there's 0 activity during the time the Alien stopped working in the switch logs.

    The interesting thing is, after each factory reset, the set up signal would show up full bars, so the emitter is working... But after set up is complete (kudos to Amplifi for making the setup so easy), my phone can maybe... find the signal when placed right next to the device ~50% of the time.

    I asked support and they gave me an RMA, but since shipping would cost me over $60, I'm not sure if I should just return it directly when factoring in the risk that the replacement being defective too.

    Does anyone have any brilliant ideas that can miraculously revive this router as my last hope?

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