Amplifi HD router set as Mesh point do not mirror routers settings if Eternet Ba

  • I have 2 Amplifi HD routers, one is configured as a Mesh point. Normally the Mesh point is configured to use eternet backbone.
    If the Mesh point is configured to use Eternet Backbone, the Wi-Fi settings, channel and bandwidth is not mirrored from the main router. If I use Wi-Fi backbone, the settings are mirrored. Is this intended, or a bug.

    Using Firmware 2.6.0

    0_1517062245121_Skjermbilde 2018-01-27 kl. 15.09.49.png
    Using Wi-Fi Backbone

    0_1517062373706_Skjermbilde 2018-01-27 kl. 15.12.38.png

    With Eternet backbone, the Mesh point changes channel and Bandwidth, while the router maintains the same settings as shown in the app.


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