Hotel and other captive portals?

  • Am I missing something here, if I want to use teleport away from home I need to be able to access the captive portal of the internet I am hijacking using.

    I did my first test, admittedly a tough one, connecting to gogo inflight Internet - teleport never showed me a captive portal, it connected to WiFi and the eventually said no internet.

    The captiveportal for gogo is

    Am I supposed to see the captive portal as part of connecting?

    2_1517172920016_593F26BB-5FB9-4529-AD53-7CBCE1A5ADE5.png 1_1517172920008_F43CBE57-97E3-4AC9-A4C4-28650B88B8A1.png 0_1517172919993_95F547EE-E6B3-492F-A55E-4EE5BEE402B1.png

  • Yay, much better success at DFW airport!

    The multiple disconnections are freaky and hard to know what is going on as you flow through the captive portal. But it works.......0_1517179138067_076F7D54-68B2-4774-A4AC-47B1E4DD4153.jpeg

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