Security & speed inquiry

  • What encryption standard/protocol are in use between the Teleport and the Amplifi router for the VPN connection?

    Secure encryption for VPN usually cause some latency and speed reduction, so for the Amplifi Teleport, how much of a slow down have actual users experienced if both sides have similar speeds like 100 Mbps up and 100 Mbps down?

  • I would say performance (today) is not very remarkable... currently getting 10mbps up/down, against a home connection with a 20mbps upstream connection. My proper VPNs are doing 20mbps up/down.

    They're claiming a kernel-related upgrade in the future will bring that speed up.

  • @albert-lee Thanks for the update. I ordered my teleport and arriving today. I have 100Mbps down/up at home. Now I know what to expect. What caught me is their promise to keep the encryption at 256bit and won't lower it for performance. Devices connected to the teleport will be seen as Layer 2 devices at home. Hopefully they can really fix the performance issue without requiring us to buy a 2nd generation device.

  • @jayson-knight After the 2.6.3 update, I was able to get up to 15mbps synchronous by switching the Teleport to 5GHz (which I wasn't able to do prior to the update). Still waiting to hear more about that kernel update. I'd be surprised if they got over 25mbps though... it can't be a very powerful processor in either Teleport or AmpliFi router.

  • @jayson-knight I can never hit amplifi.lan, probably because my AmpliFI is in bridge mode. I always use the IP address of my AmpliFi router, which works fine.

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