Moving mesh points to new mesh router (bundled versions)

  • Hi.

    I have bought for some time ago the bundled set with router and two mesh point. Was working fine. Unfortunately my mesh router was damaged in a fall.... I Bought a new mesh router, but i can't connect the mesh points to my new mesh router???? I have tried to reset (Factory reset and so on), but they do not make them selves visible on the router or as a stand alone mesh point???

    What do i do wrong????

  • @kent-gadgaard There is no Ubiquiti/Amplifi professionals following this forum?

  • There's nothing you can do, the mesh points are factory locked to the bundled router.

  • I have the same request.
    For me,I need only 1 router and 1 mesh point for my house, but I need 1 mesh point for my wife's house with apple extreme router.
    So I bought Amplifi HD kit.
    But I don't know that the mesh points are hardware paired to that router before I bought.
    So I can't use the mesh point with routers by other manufacturers now.
    If I know this,I will buy the standalone mesh points or the other brand.
    But now, I spend money already.
    And if the router goes bad, then the entire kit will be replaced. Which will include the AmpliFi router and the 2 mesh points
    Could we get new firmware update that make the Amplifi HD kit mesh point can use with routers by other manufacturers.
    I think it's better to the consumer.
    No body want to replace entire kit. If just router or 1 mesh point goes bad.
    Thanks and please.

  • @kent-gadgaard Hi Kent! We are following this topic, but the mesh points are locked to their router at the factory.

  • This post is deleted!

  • I have the same suggestion. I've bought the kit with main router + 2 mesh points but I'm only using one mesh point as that gives me enough coverage. Now I want to buy a second router for my other network and I want to use the second mesh point from the kit with the second router, but I can't because the mesh points are factory locked to the kit router. Now, we know for sure that it's not a technical limitation because individual mesh points are being sold, it's some weird commercial limitation which pisses me off.

  • I’m experiencing the same issue. Had a kit with a base and mesh and upgraded to an HD mesh point (standalone) and wanted to use the smaller mesh point in my other network, only to find that it doesn’t connect to the new base station. This is a ridiculous limitation. Are there any workarounds yet?

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