Quickly Diagnose a High User

  • We are in a rural area, so our expensive WAN using Microwave is limited to 10 Mbps.

    We frequently have some system on the network hog all the bandwidth. I can scan through WiFi connected items but do not have any visibility of wired connections. And scanning through a list is tedious.

    My Ubiquity router allows seeing this in a simple diagram and grouping it by IP. But in bridged mode, I lose most of the AmpliFi functionality.

    In other words, I need the ability to quickly identify and throttle high users.

  • @harald-striepe Adding functionality to bridge mode is tricky. What is the reason you're using that?

  • Being able to sort the "Family" tab by bandwidth usage would help tremendously.

  • @ubnt-gunars I am not using it now, but I would need it if I switch the Ubiquity router back in. The latter gives me much more detail on data throughput by IP address to track down offenders - often some Windows box updating.
    Adding "family" tracking of wired devices would help tremendously, even if they cannot be controlled by the router in the same way WiFi can.

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