Using Descrete Channels

  • Called Support and worked through a speed issue. They stepped me through taking Wireless off auto channel and set a fixed channel for both 2.4 and 5. Apple iOS has a built in wireless scan utility that shows what channels your neighbors are crowding. It even tells you what channels are the best. I set these and my AMPLIFI screams.

  • This is excellent news, @John-Donnee! I wasn't sure if AmpliFi's screaming was a good thing, but @UBNT-Chance assured me that it is! 😄 If you have a moment, share a screenshot or two of what that looks like for you on your iOS app, it would be great for other users who want to try this feature out! Thanks for sharing!

  • @ubnt-alexcaldas

    I read screaming and could only imagine it sounded like mini me in the movie Austin Powers when he gets tossed.


  • Wouldn't mind reading other posts on this subject.

    I reconfigured my 2.4Ghz settings to Manual/Channel11/20Mhz. I now have each Mesh point on a unique channel (1 & 6), with the Mesh router on 11. They were previously sharing a channel.

    I reconfigured my 5Ghz settings to Manual/Channel48/80Mhz. Wanted to get them away from Channel36 as that is everyone's default assignment. All three devices are now on Channel48.

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