Reconfigure is not available

  • Note that I am still on the 2.5.2 firmware.

    Once the Teleport is setup and working, I can't find anyway to access or reconfigure it.
    The instruction manual Step 11 says "You can reconfigure your Teleport at any time by opening http://amplifi.lan in your browser."

    http://amplifi.lan is NOT ACCESSIBLE from any browser on any device in my experience.

    And if you go into the AmpliFi iOS app and try to change the Mesh Point Band it just fails when you push the check mark.

    Just a suggestion, it might be nice to have a permanent dedicated Teleport Setup SSID always available that you can connect to and configure the Teleport at anytime by connecting to that SSID and opening a web browser.

    That way you could easily set both the Band & SSID it is connecting to and/or what SSID the Teleport is broadcasting.

    A bonus would be to keep the Teleport Setup SSID active while it reboots and configures itself so the device you are using for the setup doesn't bounce onto another network, and then you should be able to see the configuration diagnostic on that page to confirm everything is working properly.

    It also seems strange when you are at home for the initial install and you also want the Teleport SSID to be the same as your home AmpliFi network.
    I used a second cell phone to create an 'outside' hotspot from its cellular network to configure the Teleport SSID to be the same as my home AmpliFi network, but that seems unnatural.

    If the Teleport Setup SSID was permanent maybe you could then initially set both the Teleport connection SSID and its broadcast SSID to be the same as your home AmpliFi network so it essentially acts like any other local MeshPoint while at home?

    Anything that both avoids having to use an 'outside' network during setup and allowing the Teleport SSID to be the same as your home AmpliFi network would be appreciated.

  • @derek-saville I had the same issue with amplifi.lan. Use the IP address of your router instead, works every time from there.

  • @arie-mark - thanks for the tip!
    I will move my other ideas over to the Suggestion section

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