Replacing bundled MeshPoint with new one

  • I have an issue with one of my kit MeshPoints - the power base plug is faulty and needs to be replaced. However, because it's the European plug they don't have stock of just the plug.

    Support has been helpful and have therefore offered to replace the whole MeshPoint unit with a new one.

    My concern as follows: I understand the kit MeshPoints are hardware coded/paired with the HD Router. If I replace one with a standalone via RMA will I always have a "ghost" MeshPoint in the system that I no longer own (because I have sent it back)? I know you can "hide" it in the settings but will it keep popping back up or will I have any other issues?

    They have also offered to RMA the whole kit (which would be mildly boring as it's all set up and working nicely now).

    Any thoughts/opinions/advice gratefully received.

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