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  • I see we have a lot of questions after a short look see here. But. I haven’t seen any answers only support staff introductions. They are good but answering questions is better. After some research I decided to buy the HD kit even though I have a modest sized house. But I do have some space outside the house. I’ve talked with support a few times and I’ve gotten evasive responses to basic questions. Like give me some information about the CPUin the kit. Reason I ask. I have 10 to 13 or so devices on at any one time. Two of those are second gen Firesticks. It is not often that they work without stopping to Buffer or drop the signal. They have WiFi ac so they can handle some speed but when I monitor the stream it is mostly terrible when it should be moving at least 10 mb per sec. not doing. Yes I’ve accounted for other factors. Apple TV third gen not as bad but not great. There is 140 down and 12 Mb up all the time. Enough to supply mostly mobile devices and a MacBook Pro. It’s a never heard of Qualcomm cpu. Seems not up for the job. That might explain lack of info even from Qualcomm. At least three support persons were unable to educate me on the benefits of this cpu. Second obvious problem here is lack of progress on making the USB port useable. How can this kit be for sale when one main feature is not active. And there is no hope of being able to use it soon. Third issue I have is no vpn option on this router while other brands in this market have complete and much more useable product with none of these issues. I wonder if this is Beta 1 version testing being done at our expense. Cost me almost $500 Canadian dollars for this kit and my wife will not trust me again in the future with tech. Reason I got an AMPLIFI system instead of a competing brand. My brother sells them through the company he works at. Am thinking this was an expensive mistake and would not do this again. Questions and more questions. Mostly unanswered. Good on you Ubiquity but not on me.

  • Agh yes! You're right, @papa-furr ! Sorry! We're trying to get through all your comments as fast as possible! I think we were all just a bit surprised at the onslaught! XD We're hoping that soon enough the community users will also jump in and start helping each other and that will make things more manageable. It sounds like you already followed procedure, but for new users, remember that if you have a question for support it is always best to contact us directly. Find chat, email and phone support info on the Help Center landing page: . We will always check the Community, but as it grows it will become impossible to see every single post you guys make in a timely manner. As for your questions, @papa-furr, let's get you some answers. I'll PM you to get your support ticket info.

  • @ubnt-alexcaldas

    Are you're answers secret? Why you do not answer his questions here? The user users should be able to read this as well?

  • Ha! No, I wish I had answers worth keeping secret @Thomas-Frensch. But no, in this case what I meant was that I wanted to follow up and check what happened with his support tickets. Once the support team gets back to me, I'll come right back here and post my secret answers.

  • Hello Alex. All my questions were via chat I believe in your support site. No exaggeration I asked simple and honest questions ant it was not easy to get answers which for the most part I did not get I was told that the USB port would be active sometime and that VPN also would be an option sometime. As for the CPU I got a name once out of three chats. That obviously told me next to nothing. What I wanted to know was why there is such little amount of memory in the system. From my limited understanding the cpu and amount of memory are critical to how well the system handles traffic and feeding devices enough signal to be properly used. From what I’ve read and gathered out there the faster the cpu and the more memory the router has the easier it is to keep many devices working at peak efficiency assuming you have enough bandwidth.
    So this was my purpose in asking one question. As for making use of a disabled USB port I don’t get it. Why is it there and why is it only usb2 from the looks of it. As it is and has been for some time it is a useless feature that rival brands make readily available upon purchase. What can I say I should’ve known better. As for the vpn option. I expected it at this price point but as with the other issues I should’ve known better. I guess like I said earlier maybe these issues will be cleared up in version 2. Which leaves us beta testers angry and bitterly disappointed.

  • Mmm...I gotcha @papa-furr. I don't have much more info than what you already gathered. Other than with the current CPU, your AmpliFi should definitely be able to handle 13 devices, right @UBNT-Chance? This would be worth looking into, I think.

  • Hey @papa-furr, as @UBNT-AlexCaldas stated, AmpliFi is definitely capable of handling your 13 devices without problems. During your interactions with our chat support, what troubleshooting steps were attempted to get the connection speeds of your devices to where you expected them? We have many customers who have far more devices and haven't experienced any issues at all. I would love to take a look into this myself, I'll PM you for your support info.

    @Thomas-Frensch, the answers are definitely not secrets. We have a great support team and process in place that we are going to continue to use as the primary way to support our products. Once we can troubleshoot the issue that @papa-furr is experiencing and find a solution, I will gladly share and post the solution and any additional information here.

  • Thanks for your reply Chance. Sorry for delay life keeps getting in the way. Would be great to see what’s up with our setup here. Appreciate your help. Please message when you can.
    Far as I know it’s once around. So enjoy and be nice. Cheers

  • @UBNT-Chance the only troubleshooting step I was advised to take I believe was to separate the WiFi SSID. I’m not sure how much of an effect this has had as the devices that have the most trouble are stationary. I’m also not sure that the trouble might be the devices themselves. They should be ok but not sure.

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