Auto-Tune MeshPoint Transmission Power

  • Is it possible for you to add an app feature which could automatically adjust the transmission power of each MeshPoint to optimize overlap?

    Maybe as part of the installation process, once you have all of your MeshPoints in place where you want them, you could go into an 'auto tuning' mode and walk around the site, maybe even tap a button at designate you are standing at a key location (i.e. fixed devices or a favorite spot to sit) and then have the MeshPoints adjust their transmission power to optimize overlap?

    The app may be able to advise if two MeshPoints are just too close together or you may need to add/move a MeshPoint if a designated key location is out of reach for optimal higher speed.

    I have one installation currently using a wired backhaul that seems just a little two big for two MeshPoints, but also too small for 3 at full power, but would be happy to install the 3rd MeshPoint if I knew it could be somehow optimized.

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