Wireless connection issues with 2.6.1 firmware

  • Count me in as someone having the same issue with 2.6.1. For me, disable and re-enable WiFi on any device seems to fix it. Seems to happen more frequently to devices that are woken from sleep. The two most recent devices to experience this were an iPhone X and a 2017 MacBook Pro.

    Could this be a DHCP issue? I will check the IP addresses of those in this state before and after the WiFi toggling.

  • @randy-shain I wondered whether it was DHCP related too, so I set my iPad to use a static IP address, but still get the problem.

  • This issue just hit us tonight after no problems since 2.6.1 update was released a couple weeks ago.

    My wife's Macbook Air lost ability to connect/load web pages this afternoon for several hours. And just an hour ago my Macbook Pro couldn't connect to anything. Only fix was rebooting Amplifi. Restarting Mac or turning client device wifi off and on did not resolve the issue.

  • @david-lee Hi David! If this happens again, can you generate support info before rebooting the router, and send it to gunars.ritins@ubnt.com? It would allow us to diagnose the problem and fix it.

  • @ubnt-gunars Will do. FWIW, the problem looked a lot like a DNS problem. I believe google.com still loaded, but nothing else. Not sure if that was from local browser cache or not though.

    After restarting the router to restore connectivity, I enabled "Bypass DNS Cache" on Amplifi to see if that helps. (I'm in bridge mode).

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