WiFi download speed is half wired speed

  • My desktop bandwidth speed test when connected via Ethernet to the Amplifi router is 300Mbps download.

    Wi-Fi at 5Ghz, just 5 feet away from the Amplifi router shows 180Mbps download.

    Repeated tests show the same results every time.

    Is this expected and is there any configuration modification to improve WiFi throughput?

  • What is the device and are you sure it has the capabilities of that higher speed? I'm not an expert on what standards do what speeds but I've had that issue.

  • @sam-carter got the same issue, on a 200mb contract, 170max. And 10 meters from the unit half of that.. i bought this unit because i saw some youtube reviews and everybody was shouting whoooot the speed!! Well not over here... 70mbps max and upstairs next to a mesh 30-50bmps.. like my 10 year old WRT610N linksys router!!!!.

    Support told me send it back and order a new one. Getting that tomorrow. I will post a full review on youtube about my wasted saturday, might as well throw in a sunday too... to make a video about what the experience was like...
    Not 5 minutes setup but 17 hours and counting...

  • @sam-carter I know this is an old post - but did you resolve this? I've got the same issue and have just spent over an hour with support with no resolution.
    My upload speed is virtually non-existent too.

  • @Gavin-Turner Thanks for discussing this on our community! I am sorry to hear about the lower than expected speeds while using our AmpliFi system. Now for some clarification, who is your ISP? Is this a modem/router combo? Have you submitted your support files so we could look into this problem? If you would like, you can direct message me and we can try to tackle this problem head on.

  • I have similar problem with my Fiber broadband connection, I am on 100mb connection but get 50mbps after repeated speedtests.
    May I know if this is a problem with AmpliFi or should I connect the ISP provided router to test the speed. ?

  • @naveenkumar-suresh Are you using AmpliFi in bridge mode or is your modem/router combo in bridge mode? If AmpliFi is your main router then contacting your ISP will be of no help as long as you are receiving full speeds wired through ISP device.
    Test your wireless speeds by creating an additional SSID from the main router and running speed tests on multiple devices. Your main router will produce better performance over the mesh points, so testing speeds on the router first is a great place to start

  • @naveenkumar-suresh I know it's not an official "fix", but I resolved this by resetting everything.
    my pc, the home router and the amplifi kit.
    all seems ok with mine now - all I need now is for Ubiquiti to allow you to join 2 kits together 😞

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