WiFi download speed is half wired speed

  • My desktop bandwidth speed test when connected via Ethernet to the Amplifi router is 300Mbps download.

    Wi-Fi at 5Ghz, just 5 feet away from the Amplifi router shows 180Mbps download.

    Repeated tests show the same results every time.

    Is this expected and is there any configuration modification to improve WiFi throughput?

  • What is the device and are you sure it has the capabilities of that higher speed? I'm not an expert on what standards do what speeds but I've had that issue.

  • @sam-carter got the same issue, on a 200mb contract, 170max. And 10 meters from the unit half of that.. i bought this unit because i saw some youtube reviews and everybody was shouting whoooot the speed!! Well not over here... 70mbps max and upstairs next to a mesh 30-50bmps.. like my 10 year old WRT610N linksys router!!!!.

    Support told me send it back and order a new one. Getting that tomorrow. I will post a full review on youtube about my wasted saturday, might as well throw in a sunday too... to make a video about what the experience was like...
    Not 5 minutes setup but 17 hours and counting...

  • Banned

    If your wired router is giving half download speed. Then you have to check your router's connection to know why you are getting a slow Wi-Fi connection. For higher Wi-Fi download speed you may use Linksys Router they will give you best downloading speed. To know more about Linksys Router click this link: Linksys Router Support

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