2.6.1 firmware No Internet Error in bridge mode message

  • Since updating to 2.6.1 firmware I get a message on the front screen of the main router saying:

    No Internet Connection
    Please contact your ISP.

    The iPhone Amplifi app shows red X's for DNS Address and Internet Connection when I hit diagnose.

    I am running the router in Bridge Mode, always have.

    Strange thing is that I do have intent connectivity and my WIFI devices seem to access w/o any problems all be it a bit slower than it was for 2.6.0.

    Anyone have any ideas.

    Tried rebooting several time. Removed the WAN connection from my router waited a minute and then re-connected.

    Error persists.


  • Quick update:

    I did some testing this morning and found that this error message is related to the fact that I'm running in bridge mode. If I turn off bridge mode the error goes away. So for now this seems to be more cosmetic than actual problem. Just annoying, guess I'll just live with this until the next firmware upgrade.


  • Same here. I have -with the help of support- reverted back to 2.4.3. At least it works now, though not perfect. I've always had my mobile devices briefly losing their connection briefly every half an hour or so when the router is in bridge mode. I guess that's better than no connection at all.

    I absolutely need bridge mode. Even my alarm clock relies on a server in my own network.

  • @bryan-harding Please send me support info after running your router for a few hours.


    Amplifi App -> Router icon -> Support info.

  • An update: with 2.6.1., in bridge mode, even though the display shows "no internet connection" and you cannot connect to the router with your app, the amplifi is actually working! My mobile devices can access the internet and servers in my own network.

  • @mark-smeets Next time when it happens - please try connecting to Web UI (http://amplifi.lan or http://192.168.x.y (IP address of your Amplifi)) and collect support info.

  • @dmitrijs-ivanovs I can't, the app can't connect, and amplifi.lan is not responding as well. On the router a red cross is visible saying there is no internet connection. That seems to be wrong, as I do have wifi using the amplifi.

    To replicate the problem I think you only need to turn on bridge mode and wait about 1 or 2 minutes.

  • @mark-smeets
    If you have remote access enabled, please disable Wi-Fi on your mobile phone, access AmpliFi and create support info file. If successful, please send it to dima@ubnt.com. Thanks!

    Or see if AmpliFi router's IP address appears on LCD short after reboot. You can then enter that IP address in web browser (e.g. and create support info.

  • @ubnt-karlis I have given the amplifi address Going there with a browser gives me 'this site can't be reached'. That's what I'm trying to tell: I can't access the amplifi. Not with the app, and not with a browser. It doesn't respond to ping, and nmap -Pn gives nothing as well. Still, like in Bryan Hardings case, the device does seem to work. We do have wifi!

    I'm not sure where I can enable remote access? If it involves taking the device off of bridge mode it's going to be a hassle.

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