How to get to Web UI?

  • What is the URL for the router's web UI?

    I can find lots of hits searching for that in the forum and scanning the documentation, but cannot find the actual URL. I'm absolutely certain I've missed it somewhere.

  • @jamie-pearson You can navigate to the web UI by navigating to Amplifi.lan OR you can use your routers IP address. To find the routers IP use the AmpliFi application and navigate to: System (Apple)/Overview (Android)>> Select the router Icon>> Internet>> IP Address

    Hope this helps!

  • Thank you, Brett!

    A note to others: It is necessary to prefix with http://, otherwise it seems Chrome and Edge browsers are assuming a search. Interestingly, Firefox understands the intent.

  • Just a quick note, this will not work if you are in bridge mode.
    I got the IP address by noting the router's MAC address and finding the DHCP lease. You can then access the advanced wifi options.
    Amplifi.lan does not resolve in bridge mode either.

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