"Home Network" times out. Test shows Remote Connectivity Fails with "Timeout (0) Timeout"

  • So I successfully finished pairing the teleport and my router, but when I move to an external network, it fails on the last step ("Home Network"). Just shows a spinning green circle and then gives up. UPnP is enabled on my main router (the Amplifi is in bridge mode).

    When I go to the amplifi app and tap the teleport and hit "test connectivity", it checks off local connectivity and UPNP, but "Remote Connectivity" shows "Timeout (0) - Timeout". Any thoughts on how to get it to work?

    When I log into my main router, I can see the UPnP ports being forwarded (same port number on both UDP and TCP).

  • same issue. this seems to a problem that all of people are seeing.

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