5GHz Channel Selection

  • I have 4 Amplifi units, 2 routers (1 in bridge mode) and 2 mesh antennas.

    Why are they all showing up on the same channel? Shouldn't they be spreading to avoid conflicts?

    I had the primary router set to 80MHz width and then thought maybe that was the problem. I changed it to 40, but that only impacts the primary, the other 3 (which have no ability to change in any menu) are all still at 80, covering a wider spectrum.

    The reason that I am concerned about channel selection is that we primarily use the bridge unit and that is constantly fluctuating between ~500Mb/s and 800Mb/s connection speed. The other units seem to be pretty stable.

  • Here is an example of what I am seeing when I do an iperf3 run:

    [MacBook-Pro-Home:~ johnfruehe$ iperf3 -c -c
    Connecting to host, port 5201
    [ 4] local port 51586 connected to port 5201
    [ ID] Interval Transfer Bandwidth
    [ 4] 0.00-1.00 sec 36.6 MBytes 307 Mbits/sec
    [ 4] 1.00-2.00 sec 27.0 MBytes 226 Mbits/sec
    [ 4] 2.00-3.00 sec 117 KBytes 953 Kbits/sec
    [ 4] 3.00-4.00 sec 124 KBytes 1.02 Mbits/sec
    [ 4] 4.00-5.00 sec 22.6 KBytes 185 Kbits/sec
    [ 4] 5.00-6.00 sec 0.00 Bytes 0.00 bits/sec
    [ 4] 6.00-7.00 sec 7.21 MBytes 60.6 Mbits/sec
    [ 4] 7.00-8.01 sec 1.66 MBytes 13.9 Mbits/sec
    [ 4] 8.01-9.00 sec 2.09 MBytes 17.6 Mbits/sec
    [ 4] 9.00-10.00 sec 1.33 MBytes 11.2 Mbits/sec

    [ ID] Interval Transfer Bandwidth
    [ 4] 0.00-10.00 sec 76.2 MBytes 63.9 Mbits/sec sender
    [ 4] 0.00-10.00 sec 75.7 MBytes 63.5 Mbits/sec receiver

    I know my network is capable of ~400-450Mb/s because there are times when my Amplifi would get those speeds and when I had a Google Wifi we pretty much hit 400+ with most iperf runs.

  • @john-fruehe Wireless meshpoints follow channel and bandwidth of the main router. The only exception is older LR meshpoint which was limited to 40 MHz.

    On the other hand, currently we do not support manual channel and bandwidth selection on Ethernet meshpoints. Our automatic channel selection algo takes into account AP count and signal strength on each channel. But usually it is done only once - on startup. So if you turn on two Ethernet meshpoints at the same time, there is increased probability they will select the same channel.

    We could implement periodic channel selection (nightly or weekly) but there is not much demand for it.

    P.S. Having AP on particular channel does not cause much interference and speed degradation unless you actually use it. Having two or three meshpoints on the same channel is not a problem unless your clients generate a lot of traffic for more than one mehspoint at the time.

  • @dmitrijs-ivanovs I'd rather we had an option to lock certain devices to certain bands on the mesh point. My PS4 next to the mesh point should not go to the 2.4Ghz band at all. I'd like to be able to lock it to 5Ghz permanently.

  • @dmitrijs-ivanovs

    "So if you turn on two Ethernet meshpoints at the same time, there is increased probability they will select the same channel."

    So, in other words, every time the system does a firmware update, you're going to end up on the same channel.

    Periodic channel selection would be a good feature to enable. I live is a pretty standard urban environment (Austin, TX) and I right now I can see 33 different networks (8 are mine because I have 2 Amplifi routers and 2 mesh antennas). There are times when there are close to 40 networks in range.

  • @arie-mark We are currently working on such feature - ability to have specific SSID on specific radio.

  • @dmitrijs-ivanovs That is my biggest request for the Amplifi so far. Thank you.

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