Add Smart Queue QoS from Edgerouter/USG

  • It would be good to have FQ-CoDel "Smart Queue" QoS from the Edgerouter/USG.

    This would eliminate buffer bloat and would generally give much better performance than the current QoS setup.

    I appreciate it would be heavy on the CPU and would limit WAN throughput but it would be nice to have the option to use it.

  • I completely agree. We bought the Amplifi router for my parents house and they have a huge issue with buffer bloat. Having the simple configuration of "Smart Queue" from the USG would be a great option for QoS and still keep the device easy to use for the non-techy.

  • I am running the AmplifiHD in bridge mode behind an IQrouter with WiFi disabled for exactly this reason.

  • I'm also hoping Ubnt will move this over into the Amplifi line. I just setup Amplifi at my parents and they have the same issue. The out of the box QoS in Amplifi does not address buffer bloat, and it would great if it did.

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