Looking for Home Networking Advice

  • Hi Ubiquiti Community!

    I need advice/suggestions on what I can do/buy to improve my home network. I'm only going to share information I think is relavant to prevent added confusion.

    My network setup: I currently have the consumer-level AmpliFi HD. The main router is set up on the first floor, and one of the HD access points is set up in the basement. The HD access point is relatively close to the main router (aside from a floor being in between them). The HD access point has a signal strength of anywhere between 90-95% with the main router. My computers connect to the HD access point, and are very close to it. They usually have a link speed between 900 and 1300Mbps (both computers are newer Macs with 3x3 MIMO). 2.4GHz and 5GHz channels are automatically set by the router, and I trust it chooses the best channel (signal has always been solid).

    My internet: Our family just upgraded to Spectrum's 400Mbps Internet Ultra (or whatever they call it). Despite this, my computers (with a link speed well over 400Mbps) will only pull about 200Mbps down. If I enable Router Steering, my computers typically get a respectable 300-350Mbps down, but then transferring files between computers over the network is cut in half.

    My question/willingness: I really want my computers in the basement to get the full bandwidth available (standing next to the main router gets over 450Mbps down). Is there any other settings I should look at changing on my current AmpliFi HD system? OR, does anyone have any recommendations as to other Ubiquiti routers (even commercial grade)? I have a couple limitations: Spectrum, unfortunately, doesn't allow MoCA with their modems. I don't want to wire my house with Ethernet (despite how awesome that would be); so I'd rather stick with an all-wireless solution. I've spent well over $300 on routers in the past, so I don't have a problem with doing it again. I don't necessarily need another "mesh" solution.

    I just need a router setup that allows me to pull 400+ down in my basement.

    Thank you in advance!

  • I read somewhere that for every additional mesh point, the traffic is halved; so, if you don't need more than one, get rid of it. I run only one mesh point. IF you can go to one mesh point, you could run performance testing again and see where you stand?

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