LCD screen always showing "Upgrading"

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    I've had this problem after someday I upgraded the router's firmware.

    I tried to reboot the router, the screen dimmed and started up with the screen showing "Upgrading" again.

    I tried to adjust the brightness in the app, but it didn't work.

  • @cay-zhang Can you still connect to the network? what about connecting to the AmpliFi application?
    also, when you say you rebooted the router, did you power cycle the device or perform a factory reset?

  • @ubnt-brett

    I can still connect to the network, the app can still connect to the router and everything seems to work fine except the LCD screen.

    I rebooted the router through the AmpliFi app and there doesn't seem to be a "Power Off" action. Should I just unplug it?

    I haven't performed a factory reset till now. I am expecting a firmware upgrade that can solve the problem.

  • @cay-zhang I am curios to know what firmware version is being reported in the app. Can you check that for me?
    After that go ahead and unplug the router and modem for roughly 10 seconds, then power on AmpliFi first, followed by the modem when AmpliFi tells you to "Plug in Cable"

    If that fails we can go the route of factory resetting the device, that is a pretty simple process as well.

  • The firmware version is 2.6.1

    The problem was solved by simply unplug the power and WAN cables. It first showed "Upgrading" and soon turned to the regular splash screen.

    Thank you for all the support!

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