Harman Kardon Omni Wireless (Wi-Fi) Speakers

  • Hi - I have the typical issues at home with wi-fi deadspots and unrealiable performance.
    I am currently running two routers with different SSID - I want to unify and simplify this setup hence i am looking at Mesh systems. As well as a family of devices to connect, I have a collection of Harman Kardon Wi-Fi speakers ( 6 in total) spread across the house, which when they work well are Awesome - but frequently have issues which I associate with coverage and wi-fi 'quality'

    Recently I purchased the TP-Link DECO system - which for Wi-Fi seemed to work very well - BUT - instead of improving the perfomance of the speakers - it rendered them pretty useless. Whilst I could connect to and play music through each ON THEIR OWN - the system would no longer work in multi room mode - the system seemed to be constantly buffering to ensure consistent sound in each room.
    I ended up sending the DECO system back as it was not good for what I needed.

    What I want to know here is if the AmpliFi system might be any better ?
    Does anyone have experience of the AmpliFi system and Wireless Speaker set ups ?
    Does anyone have a Harman Kardon set up working ?
    What about Sonos - does that work well with multiple speakers ?

    In theory - mesh should be the answer to my needs - FAST - reliable - consistent Wi-Fi across the house... Trying to look up help seemed to suggest Double NATing as a potential issue ? I also put the DECO system into Access Point Mode, but this was no better. The DECO system had limited configuration options, I am reasonably technical, but could not seem to get to the bottom o this.

    My fingers are crossed the AmpliFi System might be the one ?

  • @dan-taylor I have multiple Bose speakers which work well on AmpliFi. You might have to reconnect your sustem to the AmpliFi network and another great option is separate WiFi SSID’s. Hope it works out for you!

  • @stefan-du-toit Thanks for the info - I assume you are able to use the BOSE speakers at the same time in multiple rooms - playing the same music?

    also - so the AmpliFi can manage Multiple SSIDs at once.... I like the sound of seperate SSIDs - so I can have one for "generic" devices and one for Speakers.

  • @dan-taylor Yes Dan. I have experienced some problems with wireless security cameras connecting to the furthest acces point. There is a setting in the AmpliFi app for switching on multiple SSID’s which allow you to connect to a mesh point or the router separately. Your main SSID is also still functional which really works great for me.

  • @Dan-Taylor: we'll soon have the option to create custom SSIDs on specific mesh points without changing anything else.

  • @dan-taylor I have two HK Omni+ speakers on my Amplifier network. Since initially adding them over a year ago I have experienced behavior similar to what others have described elsewhere: the speakers appear to be connected when using the app, but they are unreachable when attempting to stream to them. Using the Google home app confirms that they are unreachable because they don't appear in that device list. I must resort to a router reboot to establish connectivity.

    Also, I have checked the Google home app at various times throughout the day and have found that the speakers will randomly appear and disappear from the device list.

    As I said earlier, this behavior was noticed from the initial install over a year ago, and there has been no improvement across the router updates since then. I find this situation very frustrating, to say the least. I have reached the point of cringing when I begin to stream to a speaker, anticipating the very real prospect of failure, and another router reboot.

  • I have 2 but they are only connected to Chromecast Audios haha. Works great!

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