Ability to set DNS

  • Just want to be able to set DNS on the DHCP server please. Every consumer router on the market has this capability.


  • @daniel-rodgers
    Set your internet "network type" to static and you'll be able to set your DNS.

  • @kevin-symes said in Ability to set DNS:

    our internet "network type" to static and you'll be able to set your DNS.

    That is on the WAN side, I need to set DNS on the LAN side via the DHCP server.
    (I run a internal DNS server 'pi-hole')

  • @daniel-rodgers The WAN side doesn't need DNS, routers deal in IP addresses, not unresolved DNS names. The DNS settings your provide here will pass to your LAN clients. You can then set your local DNS server to forward unknown queries to onward revolvers.

  • @tom-bell in this case it does need DNS as it checks for connectivity to Google ever millisecond.

    What is being asked is the ability to set the DNS settings within the DHCP server settings. That is the best scenario when using PiHole.

    Router IP: DNS: Google
    PiHole IP: DNS:
    Clients DNS: (Only)

    This setup allows for PiHole to provide it's functions and to also utilize the routers lan naming. So I would still be and to ping mydesktop.amplifi.lan.

    The OP I'm sure understands he can set his PiHole IP as the DNS for the WAN of the Amplifi and turn off DNS cache but that is not the same. It still will add the routers IP to the DNS and it does not allow the PiHole to learn the local DNS.

  • @daniel-rodgers Currently you can try to achieve this in two steps:

    1. Enable "Bypass DNS cache" in Web UI
    2. Set specific DNS cache address in Internet configuration. If you have your own DNS caching server inside your LAN, you can specify that address. It should work.

    Let me know if it works for you.

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