Not able to add a new mesh point.

  • I have a big house (concrete villa), and for a long time I was using apple airport routers. recently noticing a big community appreciation to Amplifi I decided to switch, and glad that I did. After having a great initial experience with one AmplifiHD router and two mesh points, still parts of my house have a weak signal. I decided to get another AmplifiyHD router with two mesh points. Now here is my dilemma; the second router refuse to connect to the first one, it only wants to create its own wireless , which of course defy the point of mesh network. Could you please help, I tried everything I know, the app allows me to add a new mesh point, but at the step where I have to name the new router it keeps giving me this message "something went wrong".

    P.s I updated the new router to the lates firmware.

  • @abdul-alkaabi hi Abdul! These mesh kits can't be unpaired or joined together. If you can, you should return the second one and buy additional standalone routers (if you want to use wired backhaul) or mesh points. Only the mesh system (router and 2 mesh points) kits are locked in this way. Router-Teleport kits, for example, can be unlocked.

  • @abdul-alkaabi

    got the same problem. What i did was switch the primary router with the router in the kit and connect the orginal router with the wired backhaul option.

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