Not able to add a new mesh point.

  • I have a big house (concrete villa), and for a long time I was using apple airport routers. recently noticing a big community appreciation to Amplifi I decided to switch, and glad that I did. After having a great initial experience with one AmplifiHD router and two mesh points, still parts of my house have a weak signal. I decided to get another AmplifiyHD router with two mesh points. Now here is my dilemma; the second router refuse to connect to the first one, it only wants to create its own wireless , which of course defy the point of mesh network. Could you please help, I tried everything I know, the app allows me to add a new mesh point, but at the step where I have to name the new router it keeps giving me this message "something went wrong".

    P.s I updated the new router to the lates firmware.

  • @abdul-alkaabi hi Abdul! These mesh kits can't be unpaired or joined together. If you can, you should return the second one and buy additional standalone routers (if you want to use wired backhaul) or mesh points. Only the mesh system (router and 2 mesh points) kits are locked in this way. Router-Teleport kits, for example, can be unlocked.

  • @abdul-alkaabi

    got the same problem. What i did was switch the primary router with the router in the kit and connect the orginal router with the wired backhaul option.

  • I picked up a used AmplifiHD thinking I could add it to my system, but that’s not possible because it was supposed to have two mesh units? I just wanted to add another unit with Ethernet backhaul. Should have been so simple. Why is it locked out?

  • Hi @jason-yauman-0 - is the used AmpliFi HD part of kit? If so it can't be added to an existing mesh network.

    Is you existing mesh system a kit or a stand alone HD router?

    If your existing mesh is a kit, then you can only add stand alone units to the mesh.

    If your existing mesh is a stand alone unit, and the used HD is from a kit, then as stated in a post above, you can swap them.
    You need to make the used HD (from the kit) your primary router and then reset the stand alone HD and add it as a mesh point.

  • @derek-saville I’ve learned that the hard way. If the units aren’t the same, they should have different names. All HD’s should be the same. Perhaps an initial factory pairing is useful, but locking is horrible for consumer flexibility.

  • It isn’t really clear that the bundle is more than just a discount on hardware. It’s a crippled system that isn’t as flexible as buying the hardware separately.

  • Eek - so I purchased the kit with the Mesh Router HD and 2 HD Mesh Points. Can I not add more HD mesh points to this? I just ordered 2 more standalone HD mesh points. Everything I've read/seen so far implies I can add/pair more Mesh Points to my Mesh Router. If this is not the case - ouch... Can someone please confirm that adding mesh points beyond the 2 in the kit is not possible?

  • Hi @greg-marshall - there is no problem adding stand alone components (MeshPoints or routers as mesh points) to a kit.

    The restrictions are:

    • you can’t combine kits together
    • you can’t split kits
    • if you have a kit then the router from the kit must be the primary installation of the mesh

  • I was able to fix the initial problem by returning the second kit and buying separate amplifier HD routers. everything worked fine for a while, now after the latest firmware update I was able to join a new router to the mesh, but it will not show up under the main router, it will rather have its own mesh, I know this sounds confusing, what I mean it is able to join the existing mesh but not showing up under the main router.

    and if that is not confusing enough, I try to add it from the iOS app and it gave me the message "Router Firmware is too old. Please update your router first", which is not true because I verified that it has the latest firmware. so what I did was adding it (as I explained above) by logging to the new router it self.

  • @abdul-alkaabi We have been informed of the error message "Router Firmware is too old" and we are currently looking into a solution. In the mean time, if you add the devices to your mesh network by using the LCD screen on your primary router it will add them to the mesh with no error.

  • How do you add a device to your mesh network using the LCD screen of the primary router? I don't see any set up options on the primary router screen and I can't find any information on this in the user guide.

  • @vanessa-fox When a new device is plugged in within bluetooth range you will receive a prompt on the LDC screen of the router saying "New mesh point detected" with a button saying "Add to mesh".

    If this does not prompt on your screen, you will have to update the mesh point manually to be able to add via the app. This should be corrected soon.

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