WiFi band steering

  • It should be possible to adjust the signal strength where the router switch from 5 to 2.4 ghz band. Like its possible on Asus routers smart connect.

    Now mobile devices where it is not possible to prefer 5 ghz often switches to 2.4 just because the reception is better but the actual speed takes a big hit.

    Should also be possible to turn off 2.4 band completely.

  • I completely agree with this. This is my one single gripe with this product. Particularly with my iPhone, if i'm in a certain area of my house and am getting a < 47% 5gzh signal, i'll still be getting 150+ Mbps but it will automatically switch to 2.4ghz and drop my speed drastically to around 20 Mbps. I'd like to be able to control at what point to switch over to 2.4ghz, or force the unit to us 5ghz (without splitting the SSID).

    It also seems like it takes too long to switch back to 5ghz if you are within an adequate range of the router or mesh point.

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