IOS App does not work on my iPhone X

  • The AmpliFi app has NEVER worked on my iPhone X. It DOES work on my old iPhone 6. I have been told that AmpliFi is "working on it" but have already waited for several months. An update from time to time would be appreciated. I can only control the AmpliFi mesh as long as my iPhone 6 is operational. It has just failed to install IOS 11.2.5 so this may be the beginning of the end. Any workarounds would be appreciated until a permanent fix is developed.

  • @john-laughlin Hi John! We found a problem on iPhone X that was caused by last week's app update, but I'm not aware of any iPhone X issues older than that. Do you have a support ticket number or any other information that could help me track this down?

  • Banned

    @john-laughlin Hello John, you should check this link Apple Support Number. In this particular link, you will get all the help regarding your iPhone X problem. So just check this link or just go through this link.

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