Port forwarding

  • Since updating to 2.6.0 and 2.6.1 the port forwarding feature does not seem to work anymore.
    My VPN stopped working and stetting it up on my new nas wil not work.
    When upnp is activated there is only one port being forwarded (5000), because ik can not find what's triggering this port im am stuck.

    None of the ports that i select is working when not using upnp.

  • @robbert-pronk I'm not sure why you're having issue but I can assure you that port forwarding works with 2.6.1. I ran it within an hour of release until this morning (when the kind AmpliFi folks sent me 2.6.2RC1). I have a TON of port forwards and it would cripple me if it didn't work.

    You mention port 5000, I bet you have a Synology NAS? I can assure that worked in 2.6.1. No issue at all.

  • @david-miller said in Port forwarding:


    You shouldn't use port 5000 as it makes it much easier to hack your Synology. Use a random port number and then redirect it to 5000.

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