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  • Hi all,
    Have a strange problem with my wifi that Amplifi support dont seem to be able to fix. I live in a house with 3 floors, my router is on the 1st floor in the middle of the house. I then have 1 mesh point in the loft and 2 on the ground floor. My house is ca. 155 meters squared. My problem is my internett speed is 350mbps, which is what i get if i connect direct to my modem. ( I know thats wired so it will be faster) but once i connect my router and check with speed test my wifi drops to between 70-160mbps. Have checked over my entire house same results, have tried all channels on the 5ghz nothing helps. Has anybody else experienced this, even better anybody know how to fix this. Have reset my router ca. 20 times doesnt help.. Would like to get the speeds I pay for... Thanks in advance for any help

  • @neil-chaplin You should expect full 350 Mbps when your AC-capable Wi-Fi device is connected directly to the router. When connected to meshpoint, expect ~190 Mbps. The speed is reduced by the following factors:

    1. Connected to meshpoint, not router.
    2. Your device is not AC-capable
    3. Running older Windows versions
    4. Connected in 2.4 GHz band instead of 5 GHz
    5. Longer distance between your device and router/meshpoint it is currently connected to.

    If you still think something is really wrong with your setup, please collect support info and share with me.

    Amplifi App -> Router icon -> Support info

  • @dmitrijs-ivanovs Thanks for reply, have been speaking with them and have sent in Support info file today. I would be happy with 190mbps over wifi. In my lounge for the last week I have had between 20-80mbps. I thougt the idea behind mesh was less dropage in internett speed between router and mesh point than normal router extender set up...

  • @neil-chaplin The idea behind mesh is to simplify installation and improve reliability. When it comes to top speed, we cannot overcome some physical limitations.

  • Got mail back from Amplifi HD, they say "161 Mbps from the mesh point on 5GHz is a normal speed" What are other people getting ??? Im getting 75mbps sometimes down in 35mbps. I was getting better speeds from my ASUS router,
    They then came with this "We have tried all possible steps to improve the speed of the mesh points, so at this point, I would suggest as long as the devices are able to connect to the mesh point and get internet access without any disconnection you are good to go. Thats not good enough though if I can connect but its like having dial up internet.
    Its seems they dont know what the problem is so they just ignore it...

  • @neil-chaplin same over here, i got mine today, nearby the unit speeds are 170, but 10meters further in direct line of sight it drops to 34mbps, on multiple tests. Even with 2 meshes connected maximum speeds of 70mbps on a 200mbps contract.

    Also a mesh upstairs on the far point 18 meters of the base only gets 20% connection to the base and there the speeds are 40-50mbps tops.. all talk but no walk.. just a marketing trick.. i will get a new unit in tomorrow because support said this unit is not ok.

    But i have a bad feeling about this, any luck on your side?

    So not a 5 minute setup, took me all day with support! I think these units are not tested in busy wifi channel spaces. I thought, lets buy this amplifi beast, no more hassle of rebooting routers setting up and trying channels, but after 10 minutes i felt like being thrown back ages!!! My trusty Linksys Wrt610n was way more stable, 10 years old... did a check again just now and sitting in the living room with just the base unit on, 10 meters and 1 wall in between with a door, speed : 16-23 mbps... really frustrating...

    The app is great, unit looks nice, support is smashing. But the most important part, the performance of this unit, its one and only USP... is just a joke.

    Again if the new unit is performing exactly the same as this one, i will be the one writing a full review here. Ripping me of a day iso 5 minutes

  • @xavier-dusee No still the same here, but have found out at I can get speeds over 100mbps in lounge when i dissconect the mesh points. Maybe there is interference from them. Gonna try a factory reset of all mesh points and router today to see if it helps.I have put my box and mesh points up to sale, unit does not work as it is supposed to. I had to also return my first unit as it didnt work, maybe the alarm bells should of rang in my head then. My Huaweii modem/router that I get from ISP out performs my Amplifi HD and that is embarassing.

  • @neil-chaplin news from the front, i got a new set in today, after shipping the first unit back and after i set that one up i now get speeds of 70-90 in most rooms downstairs i even get 110-150. So in my case it was definately a defective meshpoint. Just have to accept that with this amplifi hd you will not get the full subscription speed but you must be able to reach 70-90 in the weak spots. And sometimes it dips there to 50 but most of the times i get 70-90 now. But using youtube or all the other apps i never have dips or stuttering video’s. So it is good but not perfect like some video reviews say or want you to believe. Here is 2 video’s that comes close to the real truth about Amplifi HD. https://youtu.be/qQTZ-0RDsOk


    My advice try a new unit/pack. They are very cooperative. Let me know if it works for you too.

  • @xavier-dusee Just downgraded my firmware to 2.4.3 to see if it helps. Seem to be getting 160mbps in my lounge only had 70mbps before. Amplifi says 160mbps is what we should expect and is normal. I dont feel its good enough. I have a 3pk of Google Wifi that I am itching to set up just to check the difference.
    Messed a bit around with mesh point position and are now getting 220mbps over wifi. There must be something wrong with the new firmware.

  • @neil-chaplin

    how do you downgrade the firmware?

  • @taiho-santelices Here is the link to the 2.4.3 files and explanation of how to go about it. 🙂


  • @xavier-dusee said in Wifi halfed:

    I think these units are not tested in busy wifi channel spaces.

    They are.

    In case of too many neighbor networks, I usually suggest switching from 80 to 40 or even 20 MHz bandwidth. Yes, it will reduce top Wi-Fi speed but should significantly improve stability. We use 80 MHz by default because such dense environment (high channel utilization) is unusual in 5 GHz band. Older routers typically have 40/20.

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