Achieve Marketed Gigabit Speeds in Router Mode

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  • @dmitrijs-ivanovs said in Achieve Marketed Gigabit Speeds in Router Mode:

    So to get gigabit internet speeds you need to turn on hardware nat within Amplfi HD and have att router in bridge mode?

  • @punarvasu-pillalamarri Yes, both will work, but hardware NAT is not compatible with PPPoE.

  • @punarvasu-pillalamarri You have two options - HW NAT or bridge mode. These are mutually exclusive. Of course, you need another router when running Amplifi in bridge mode.

  • *David Miller 7 months ago
    @rakesh-gupta There is no double NAT, my AT&T fiber modem is in bridge mode. The only thing plugged into my AT&T modem is the AmpliFi router.

    Yes, I have Hardware NAT turned on and the only issue is that it makes me giddy happy when I see almost hit 1000Mbps. 😉*

    @David-Miller What model "fiber modem" do you have? I have spent hours and hours on the phone with AT&T and they claim there is none. I have the Pace 5268AC and you cannot put it in passthrough mode and if you mimic it, it gets wiped out when they push an upgrade. Any help is much appreciated.

  • @david-miller are you reaching 1000 over wifi or are you hard wired into the AmpliFi? I just got ATT fiber and when I hard wire in I can get up to 950 or so. But I get about half that over my wifi connection.

  • @black-series-rebels
    Max you’ll get over WiFi is approximately 300 mbits.

  • @steve-gonzales
    The Pace AT&T gateway with present firmware will degrade speed when using in DMZ+ mode. I was at 50mbits for 3 months while paying for 1gbit. Found solution in AT&T community forums to switch to the BGW210-700 gateway which works perfectly in Passthru mode allowing my Amplifi to be my router once again. This gateway doesn’t support their iPTv services so keep that in mind. I cannot believe AT&T has allowed this issue to persist for 3-4 months now. You can also turn off the Pace WiFi radios and just use the Amplifi in bridge mode if all you care about is the Amplifi’s superior WiFi.

  • @stevev should be able to get around 400 actually. I saw 300 some down and 424 up (I was confused how upload was faster but hey, there's so many factors at play) on AT&Ts BGW wifi. I'm looking to get an amplifi hd. I stumbled upon this thread when trying to ensure my wired speeds won't be limited.

    I have a small 12U rack in the closet. What I really want is to just stick a rackmount USG in and go unifi instead...but for the sake of my marriage, I think I'll need to upgrade to all that over time. Hoping the amplifi hd will hold the family over here. They don't care much but, I want to ensure my wired connection gets as close to that gigabit as possible.

  • @tom-maiaroto said in Achieve Marketed Gigabit Speeds in Router Mode:

    I stumbled upon this thread when trying to ensure my wired speeds won't be limited.
    I really want .. go unifi ... I want to ensure my wired connection gets as close to that gigabit as possible.

    Some people have trouble getting Gigabit going but I'm able to pull 950mbps down from my gigabit connection with AmpliFi in Router mode (not bridge mode). The only magic sauce I've done is to enable Hardware NAT. Otherwise, it "just works" for me. Perhaps UniFi equipment can do better, but it can't be that much better than the 950mbps I see.

  • @shane-milton Yea...Guess I'm now one of them. I was hoping the hardware NAT would work like others have suggested. I finally got everything set up today and it's slow. Speedtest on WiFi on AT&T's router is showing 372mbps down 236mbps up. The Amplifi is like 78mbps down 58mbps up.

    I'm utterly shocked and completely upset I spent so much money on this product right now. I still need to test wired connections...But this is pretty grim. Hey, I mean the coverage is great 🙂 but I'm 20 feet away from the thing and these speeds are terrible.

  • @tom-maiaroto With AT&T modem/routers they are operating in DHCP and do not have the ability to use bridge mode. You are creating a double NAT and that can have adverse effects on performance. The remedy would be to enable bridge mode on the AmpliFi thus eliminating the double NAT. I apologize you feel that AmpliFi is not performing as you expected, please attempt to resolve the double NAT and post results after.

  • @ubnt-jt hmm, that's literally the opposite of what I'm reading from people. My understanding was to put the AT&T BGW210 into IP passthrough and then enable Hardware NAT on Amplifi. Then get "giddy happy" with speeds lol.

    What are the exact settings to make??

    Initially I wanted to get a rack mount USG, a switch, and some APs. Though since range right now was my main concern (I only need a few Ethernet cables hooked up for now) I went this route since I read all these rave reviews and it was cheaper. I figured I'd just upgrade later... But right now my experience is unbelievably surprising. The store I got the Amplifi from doesn't sell other ubiquiti products, so I feel like I can't switch now. I'm stuck a bit. I imagine best I can do is return for store credit which won't help much.

    I don't really need the guest Network or anything like that. I wish the usb port let me hook up a hard drive like my ASUS router though I planned on getting something for the rack to do more than one drive for RAID and have proper redundancy. Again, all future projects. So again, I can wait. All I want now is the good fiber speeds I've been waiting for.

  • Hi @tom-maiaroto - since you don’t need a Guest network or other such features, what speeds are you getting with AmpliFi in Bridge Mode and the AT&T BGW210 doing DHCP router duty?

  • @derek-saville about 99d/99u (Google fiber speed test site) to 115d/120u (speedtest net). Another speednet test showing 61/55 now too.

    AT&T BGW210s speed test will show like 970/950 or something around there. I don't know how it does it's speed test though I imagine it's just to AT&T and not out anywhere on the internet. Though I thought that was nice to know, removing all other variables, it's possible.

    That said, why I can't get as fast as the ATT&T router is confusing. I'd expect to see around 300mbps down on wifi here at least.

  • @tom-maiaroto To my knowledge, all the customers I have worked with have had to enable bridge mode on the AmpliFi to get full speeds. I would recommend contacting AT&T and see if there are other configurations that can be changed, you may want to explore DMZ options with AT&T support.

  • Ok, punched down one of the ethernet cables and unbelievably I guessed the right outlet and poorly labeled cable on the first try 🙂 I took it as a good omen. Any install variables aside... I just got 639down/934up on a cat5e cable on either side. From wall to computer and from patch panel to Amplifi hd LAN port - both cat5e. I'll try cat6a cables though I don't know how much it'll make a difference (theoretically the cat5e can reach gigabit and the numbers here seem to indicate that). Cat6a SFTP through the walls, so might as well match the same grade. I could keep running tests but I'll have to assume based on this, the Amplifi router is connected at the full gigabit speed.

    Google fiber test showed 656down/922up. Few more speednet tests here and got 814down/935up and saw the speed test meter skip of 900's. Not sure if that means anything or not. But I'm going to chaulk it up go the obvious internet factors and call wired performance a success with Amplifi hd!

    The question now is why is the wifi so bad? At it's best, it's about half that of the at&t router. I'll try another router next I guess. Even if it was 250, I'd live with it. I was targeting 350-400. I don't know if I'll see that.

  • @tom-maiaroto you said the WiFi performance is really bad, what speeds are you seeing and is this while you are connected to the HD unit or a Meshpoint? Performance will be lower on Meshpoints because of available antennas and wireless hops. Let me know what devices you are using and your performance so we can help improved your wireless speeds.

  • Yes I know but when at&t router is providing 300-325mbps and Amplifi does 200mbps at best (and quite often 85) something is wrong.

  • @ubnt-brett I didn't specify, I thought that was the point. I also thought the performance was supposed to not degrade like a repeater. Maybe I misunderstood the whole mesh hype.

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