Achieve Marketed Gigabit Speeds in Router Mode

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    going for a simple analogy

    For AmpliFi, full duplex WiFi 6 can't come fast enough...

  • Hi @jayson-knight - I am just a guy that wants his AmpliFi Teleport to work well & good following AmpliFi's consumer friendly philosophy...

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  • @david-miller Are these speeds you get hardwired or wireless? I get hardwired speeds up to 900 up and down, but over WiFi (even AC) only 400 max.

  • Just coming back to this thread to say this issue is still not resolved. And after chatting with T2 Ubiquity Support I was told the only solution to get Gigabit speeds over LAN is to put Amplifi HD in Bridge mode and purchase and additional router... This is completely unacceptable for a $350 router.

  • @Captain-Cranky this is my understanding/experience as well. I have my AmplifiHD in bridge mode. To be honest you might as well just buy a less expensive router.

    I started with two satellites and one base Amplifi router. I now use one extender satellite and the base. For wifi, I switched back to my Asus AC87U which offers far faster wifi speeds (sometimes double, but max observed speed is still nearly 200mbps faster than the AmplifiHD has ever been).

    However, the AmplifiHD I now have on ethernet backhaul next to my desktop computer and use it as a switch and as wifi for upstairs. Then the satellite in the garage to cover the backyard. The Asus router wouldn't reach these areas as well, so while it's slower, it's still faster in these areas due to range.

    The AmplifiHD base does provide gigabit (or close to, I believe it to be gigabit given the test was over 800mbps). So I can confirm that does work.

    However, if you're looking for speed in general? I'm sorry, but we both purchased the wrong router. This is not by any means a fast router. It's a super easy to set up, convenient router with good range. But my speeds vary on it's wifi from 25mbps (very far away) to 300mbps (5ft away). I may gift it to a relative as well who doesn't care about or notice the speed.

    Their newer models, or the Alien one or whatever may be better. I'm not sure. Their Unifi line gets a lot of praise and may be better. Who knows. All I know is this was the first and last Ubiquiti purchase I'll ever have made. I need speed and reliability - that's not what Ubiquiti prioritizes, they prioritize features and software.

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