Pre-sale questions

  • Hi, I am currently looking into buying a wifi mesh system. Amplifi and Orbi are the main competitors.
    I like the design and eco-system of Amplifi. But I do have some questions:

    • Would it be best to buy the kit with 1 router and 2 MP's, or the set with 3 routers and have a ethernet backhaul? In case of the latter there would be 1 router in the electrical cabinet near the front door, one in the living room and one at the attic, where I have ethernet connections. The first floor would then be "in between".
    • In case of 3 routers with ethernet backhaul: will the guest wifi only work at the primary router? Or will the guest network also be broadcasted by the ethernet backhauled other ones?
    • As I am really missing VPN access, my ideal setup would be an USG router and then the Amplifi system in bridges mode. Will guest networking still work then? I understand from various posts on the internet that this might be problematic.


  • Hey @joost-sanders ! Welcome to the Community! Mmm...let's see if someone in the Community has already tried something similar and can share some first-hand experiences. And if not, @UBNT-Chance can give you some good pointers here. (I'm moving this to the FAQ section, so there's a higher chance of a Community member replying back.)

  • Hey @joost-sanders! You've asked some great questions!

    • As far as which direction would be the best for you to go, it always depends on your environment and situation. In your case it seems like going with 3 Routers in Ethernet Backhaul would be the direction I would recommend as you wouldn't experience the speed degradation between the points. Unfortunately the 3-Pack of Routers is not currently available so you would need to purchase 3 standalone Routers to go this route.
    • The Guest WiFi SSID will be broadcasted by the ethernet backhaul routers as well as the main router, so you'll be able to access it from any point of the system if enabled.
    • The Guest Network feature is not available when AmpliFi is in Bridge mode. This has been a pretty popular feature request recently, feel free to make a post or reply in the Suggestions section to add to that request.


  • Thanks for your answers. It seems the 3-pack router set is (still?) available here in the Netherlands. Will look into that.
    As far as guest network in bridge mode, it would have to be either that or VPN functionality for me. Maybe better to wait another few firmware releases then before deciding.

  • If one gets two of the AmplifiHD routers (ie AFi-R) is there a wireless backhaul or only wired?

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