Saved network list

  • It would be great if the Teleport could keep a list of previously used networks so that you're not required to repeatedly add the SSID and passphrase every time you move physical locations.

  • @donte-hymon

    Definitely want to see this, and the ability to control priority for use.

    Every seen "ATT" "Admirals Club" "GoGO" "Generic Airport" all at once...

  • I would also like the ability to delete or forget a previously used SSID for those times when I fat-finger the password.

  • @donte-hymon

    +1 Definitely want this too. Would be great if when initially connecting to a new network there was a prompt to save for later, and another prompt to auto-connect if found later... So people can choose between behaviors. Ex: I'd like it to auto connect when I plug it in when I'm at a family member's house, but not nessisarily when I'm near a public hotspot (though I'd still want it to remember that network it so I can login with a tap instead of having to type in a password).

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