Separate Main/Guest Network Monitoring

  • I would like to be able to see who is on my guest network separate from my main network. It’s great to limit the number and length they can connect. But I would prefer not to sort through all connected devices.

    This would also lead to being able to separate guest network speed caps.

    Thank you!

  • @patrick-fenner Agree with you! I rent a room with Airbnb and it's quite weird to read my guests device's names mixed with my devices.

  • I have kids friends attending. And some of those require some "time off". Would make a killer feature for parents in position like mine.

  • Appreciate the support! I just don't find it all that helpful on the back end. I don't understand why I need to sort through over 30+ devices to find who's on my network. It either requires me to go through all my devices and give them clear recognizable names (which I've done but not everyone should have to take the time) or know the guest network name first hand. But that kind of defeats the point of them being a "guest," I should need to know everything about them.