New Teleport Arrived Today, Does Not Work

  • I finally received it today after waiting over two months but its full of bugs and cannot get it to work. Set up should not be this hard...
    See YouTube video here:

  • I had to jack the Teleport into my local network during initial setup. After doing that and updating all the firmware, it all just worked.

  • @scott-mckinney try connecting into the web interface and see if you can see it there. Also, I may have also done the initial setup over wired as well. I've got two paired into mine fine but happy to unpair and see if i can reproduce later today.

    Update: Confirmed, I can no longer re-pair the teleport after unparing it. The web interface sees it as 'Paired, setup required'. However, even that doesn't stay on the screen reliably and setup still stops waiting for the mobile app pairing (which used to trigger) that never shows on iOS or Android versions.

    Update2: Was able to get both to repair. See next post.

  • @scott-mckinney I was able to reproduce your issue, and also fix it on my side with two different teleports.

    On the screen you're on there (while connected to the Teleport network), click the support button up top. In the new window, scroll to the bottom and it should say in red 'Unpair from AmpliFi Router'. Click that. Tell it to proceed with the unpairing.

    The device will reboot, and in about 2 minutes, you should get the prompt on your mobile device and also the router that it has found a new teleport and ask if you want to pair. They have to be close to each other for this to get detected - from your video, it looks like that's plenty close.

    If for some reason that doesn't work for you, hit the reset button for 15 seconds. Let it restart as a new teleport. Connect to the Teleport_abcdef network and immediately go back to that support button and see if it lets you unpair then.

    Out of curiosity - how did you get to this state? Did it work at least once before, and then get unpaired on the router side, or did it act this way out of the box? For me to reproduce, I had to unpair it from the router side (but didn't have the teleport connected when I did it), so I suspect the teleport still thought it was paired when the router thought it wasn't until forcing the teleport itself to realize it was no longer paired.

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