HomeKit & Leviton Light Switch

  • When using my Amplifi with Leviton light switches & Apple's HomeKit the switch constantly loose connection. I switched back to my old Apple AirPort routers and the problem is resolved. I spoke to Leviton and they said it was a known problem with Amplifi routers. Anyone else having this problem?

  • My whole home is a Apple Homekit Ecosystem, but I do not have any Leviton switches. I have Lutron Caseta and iDevices light switches and they never loose connection.

  • Same issue I am having with my Leviton Apple HomeKit Dimmer switches now that I have an AmplifiHD Router. Did you ever find a solution to the issue? Does AmplifiHD acknowledge they are the issue and have any intention on fixing the issue?

  • Any other updates on this? Anybody else having these issues and found a fix?

  • @Alex-Rodriguez, @Scott-McKinney: I think we can get these in the lab and take a look at it.

  • I have been working with Amplifi support for at least 6 months on this. Or, to be more exact, I have been complaining and sending them tons of data, and they can't seem to find an answer. For me it is a chamberlain garage door opener. Works fine with an old D-Link (or any other AP) but with Amplifi it is constantly going offline.

    Here is an example from the console:

    Powered Time 9 days, 6 hours, 37 minutes, 19 seconds
    Internet Connected No
    Router Connections Since Powerup 1
    Internet Connections Since Powerup 1807

    Basically it has been running for the past 9 days, dropping the connection about 200 times a day. Normally you have 1-2 drops per day with a standard AP/router.

    Pretty annoying that the only way to fix it is to set up a separate AP with a separate network SSID.

    Oh, and you can use separate SSIDs for the Amplifi and this will fix the issue. However, when you have 2 units like me, you end up with 4 SSIDs and the handoff no longer works, so the solution is a non-starter.

  • @john-fruehe which model is your garage door opener?

  • I'm still having this problem. Reported it to Leviton, and they told me the same line —that they're working with Amplifi for a solution. It's incredibly frustrating to see that your original post was two years ago.

  • @rick-stawarz I am not aware of any employees from Leviton working with us for a solution. I would like to review this with you and try to find a solution, can you describe your situation for me in detail so I know whats happening?

  • @UI-Brett I'm sorry I never replied to this, Brett. I don't think I have notifications turned on for this thread. Oops!
    Anyway, I'm still having this issue. Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you!

  • @rick-stawarz Can you describe your situation and issues for me in depth please? Also, once you experience the issue on the network will you then generate support files so we can research and see if we can identify what is happening.

  • @ui-brett Sure. I have a Leviton DH6HD-1BZ 600W Decora Smart Dimmer [Amazon link]. It functions well as an independent switch —in other words, the buttons on the unit itself work.

    After the usual HomeKit pairing process, it will join my wifi network and interface with the Apple Home app, and therefore Siri. Super cool.

    However, after a few months, the Leviton will inevitably stop being allowed to join my wifi network. I then have to do a factory reset and start over, which also means reconfiguring any HomeKit scenes it's associated with. Super not cool.

    According to an email with their support team, they said they are working with your team to find a solution.

    I just went through this process again last week, so at the moment, my device is functioning. I will update this post again once it recurs. Thank you.

  • @rick-stawarz ideally, right after you experience the disconnection is the best time to collect support files for analysis. You said you were already working with email support, but if/when it does disconnect and now allow your Leviton switch connect gather the files for me please.

  • @ui-brett Sounds good. Thanks.

  • @rick-stawarz hey I have the same issue on four of my Leviton switches constantly and then a few others just here and there.I have 15 total throughout the house. I usually just cycle power to the location via the breaker and then it connects and works great for a few weeks then happens again.
    I was not thinking it is an amplifi at the time. But now reading through this thread it all kind of makes sense.

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