HomeKit & Leviton Light Switch

  • When using my Amplifi with Leviton light switches & Apple's HomeKit the switch constantly loose connection. I switched back to my old Apple AirPort routers and the problem is resolved. I spoke to Leviton and they said it was a known problem with Amplifi routers. Anyone else having this problem?

  • My whole home is a Apple Homekit Ecosystem, but I do not have any Leviton switches. I have Lutron Caseta and iDevices light switches and they never loose connection.

  • Same issue I am having with my Leviton Apple HomeKit Dimmer switches now that I have an AmplifiHD Router. Did you ever find a solution to the issue? Does AmplifiHD acknowledge they are the issue and have any intention on fixing the issue?

  • Any other updates on this? Anybody else having these issues and found a fix?

  • @Alex-Rodriguez, @Scott-McKinney: I think we can get these in the lab and take a look at it.

  • I have been working with Amplifi support for at least 6 months on this. Or, to be more exact, I have been complaining and sending them tons of data, and they can't seem to find an answer. For me it is a chamberlain garage door opener. Works fine with an old D-Link (or any other AP) but with Amplifi it is constantly going offline.

    Here is an example from the console:

    Powered Time 9 days, 6 hours, 37 minutes, 19 seconds
    Internet Connected No
    Router Connections Since Powerup 1
    Internet Connections Since Powerup 1807

    Basically it has been running for the past 9 days, dropping the connection about 200 times a day. Normally you have 1-2 drops per day with a standard AP/router.

    Pretty annoying that the only way to fix it is to set up a separate AP with a separate network SSID.

    Oh, and you can use separate SSIDs for the Amplifi and this will fix the issue. However, when you have 2 units like me, you end up with 4 SSIDs and the handoff no longer works, so the solution is a non-starter.

  • @john-fruehe which model is your garage door opener?

  • I'm still having this problem. Reported it to Leviton, and they told me the same line —that they're working with Amplifi for a solution. It's incredibly frustrating to see that your original post was two years ago.

  • @rick-stawarz I am not aware of any employees from Leviton working with us for a solution. I would like to review this with you and try to find a solution, can you describe your situation for me in detail so I know whats happening?

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