Configure the Teleport SSID to be hidden

  • When I travel I prefer the SSID I use locally in the hotel or conference center to be hidden. Can you please enable this as an option.

  • @dave-martin You should know that Hidden SSIDs actually cause whatever devices that connect to them to advertise their names CONSTANTLY no matter where you are. For example, say you've at some point connected to a hidden SSID called "my_secret_ssid" with your iPhone. Now, no matter where you go, your iPhone is going to send out packets saying "hey, my_secret_ssid, are you there? if so, I'd like to connect!". It has to do this because it doesn't know if your hidden network is near by or not. It'll do this no matter where you are. So in effect, your network is far more trackable and way less less secure than when using a non-hidden SSIDs (where your iPhone will only try to connect to the SSID if it sees it).

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