• Using DSL Reports Speed Test runs:

    Home USA network = 280 down / 12 up
    Remote overseas network = 75 down / 4 up

    Teleport via WiFi to WAN @ remote network = 1.7 down / 0.8 up
    Teleport via Ethernet to WAN @ remote network = 1.7 down / 0.5 up (yes it got worse!)

    The speed test on the Teleport setup web page is even more abysmal, indicating a 0.8 download speed.

    Video streaming just isn't working at these speeds.
    I expected a lot better from a 12 Mbps upload speed from my home network.

    Hi @UBNT-Gunars - does this seem right?
    Any suggestions?

  • @derek-saville It's likely that the overseas network numbers come from a local server, but that's not where your router is located. These speeds depend on the ISP at both locations, and they're typically not advertised to customers.

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