• Two of them

    • are you still planning to get into the IOT market?
    • when are you going to have parental controls?

  • Hi @Samuel-Smith ! Just wanted to jump in real quick in here to answer your second question, I'll leave the first one to the pros. But parental controls are up and working! Check out this article: Family: Profiles and Parental Controls . Enjoy your "quiet time" 😉

  • That is only one part the Parental controls my clients are asking for. There is the other part blocking sites. A well-built set of controls would not only include the obvious pornography but also certain sites e.i. social media or streaming video for certain times of the day. A real desire for parents that homeschool.

  • Hey @Samuel-Smith great questions!

    • This is just the beginning of AmpliFi, we plan to continue building the AmpliFi brand so keep an eye out in the future!
    • As mentioned we currently have basic parental controls, though advanced parental controls has been a popular feature request and is being considered.

    We always appreciate the feedback and welcome you to the community!


  • +1 for more parental controls. At the very least a whitelisting/blacklisting system would be great. All I want to do is to be able to whitelist sites and block everything else for one family profile, and blacklist certain sites and allow everything else for the other. I am thinking about sending my router back after finding that it doesn't have this feature, but if someone tells me this is even probably coming soon then I might hold onto it, because I do love everything else about the router.

  • You can do a lot of controls with OpenDNS.

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