Unable to pair (I think)

  • It paired once, and I was having trouble with the connection test, so I unpaired it. Big mistake. Now I don't have the option to pair again. I factory reset both the teleport and the router, but I still don't have the option to pair. If I login directly to the teleport over wifi, it gives me the option to unpair - which maybe it thinks it is paired? The teleport is flashing a blue circle.

    Ug - this is getting frustrating. I'm thinking the teleport is a great concept, but not ready for prime time.

  • @david-0 If the LED light is a full circle and blinking then it is paired to the router still, it is just not connected. It sounds like you might have "hid" the device. (this feature will be removed soon) If the device is still paired to the router, then connecting the teleport device (ensure you are on a different public IP than your AmpliFi router) Then the device should show up on the application again.

  • @david-0 Unpairing has to be done both on the router and on the Teleport http://amplifi.lan setup portals. Your Teleport still thinks that it's already paired to the router. It can be unpaired at the very bottom of the support section.

  • @ubnt-gunars Thanks, that worked. I had originally only unpaired the router. Strange that the factory reset on the Teleport didn't take care of unpairing.

  • @david-0 Factory resets don't break pairing because that would mean you need to physically bring the Teleport near the router again.

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