2.6.2 seems to be causing MacBook Pro issues for me

  • Since the 2.6.2 update, it seems to cause me to have to turn-off and turn-on my wifi when my MacBook Pro is left idle (goes to sleep).

    When I return to my locked MacBook Pro, I'll unlock and try to browse websites, but nothing loads. I get frustrated waiting after a minute or so and then just disable and re-enable my wireless and that resolves my issue.

    All during this time my wifi is showing full signal and connected.

    The next time this happens I'll check to see if I can ping my default gateway or not. I know I can't ping anything on the Internet.

    MacBook Pro (13-inch, 2016)

  • I seem to be experiencing the same thing. All my other devices are working fine up to now. Just the Mac Book Pro (MBP) suddenly acted like it is "Paused" but it is not. I removed the MBP from all groups/profiles, none of which are paused, and it started to work again. I also recycled the Wifi on the MBP several times before removing it from a group.profile. Strange.

  • I just reproduced the issue again by letting my MBP remaining idle.

    When I return and unlock it I cannot ping anything on the Internet and even my default gateway until I disable/re-enable my wifi.

    One other test I could do (but this is a stretch) would be to un-install my VMware Fusion. I did upgrade that yesterday.

  • This issue has been described from before 2.6.2 No solution yet as far as I know.

  • I'd just like to add another voice to this issue. I purchased the Amplifi yesterday and have it setup nicely. We have the apple ecosystem and our MacBook Pro does the same. Very frustrating...

  • Any update on this? It is a major issue...

  • I have noticed this as well on my MBP (2017 version).

  • Great. I'm going to have to apologize to my wife. She's been complaining about "no internet" on her rMBP but by the time I get there, it works again, so I chalked it up other issues.

  • @UBNT-GUNARS Anything you folks recommend for 802.11ac sniffing? I assume physical layer capture may help here and I'm happy to try and get one - just need to pick up something that'll do 802.11ac monitor mode.

  • I know this isn't really helpful, given the wide variations in configurations we probably have, but I've been using an MBP (2017) all along and have never had any problems with drops. Running with the router on primary DHCP (IP Passthrough from ISP modem/router), hardware NAT disabled, 802.11k and v enabled, and the laptop is largely stationary and plugged in. The laptop has the following settings in the "Energy Saver" control panel:

    • Prevent computer from sleeping automatically when the display is off
    • Put hard disks to sleep when possible
    • Wake for Wi-Fi network access
    • Enable Power Nap when plugged into a power adapter

  • @thomas-chi
    I have the same settings, but experiencing random freezing on all Apple devices, including Apple TV. Running speed test on one device kills internet on other devices. Not seeing the same on other routers. I do not understand??

  • @stefan-du-toit-0 That happens to me too, but I figured that's because the AmpliFi doesn't really have any QoS and just allows the speed test to suck up all available bandwidth (my internet connection is only ~20Mbps). The connection comes back on all devices after the speed test ends. The people above are describing connection drops upon waking up from sleep, which has never happened to me.

  • @thomas-chi
    What happens with random devices is not really a connection drop as the device would have a strong signal, but data flow stops. Toggling wifi on and off or restarting the device fixes it. I might be wrong, but it looks like it happens as soon as roaming takes place. It seems like the device connects to the furthest 2.4 GHz signal and not to the closest and strongest 5GHz. This then effectively gives your device almost zero data throughput until the device roams again or wifi is toggled on and off.

  • @stefan-du-toit Huh. All I can do is give you my config, as about 90% of what's discussed on this forum is over my head. 😅 I've got band steering and router steering off. I've seen where my iPhone X will stop loading web pages periodically, despite showing a good connection, but it was related to a VPN app that I was using, which recently went haywire (not just on my home Wi-Fi). Since disabling it I haven't had any problems with my phone. My wife has never had problems, which is probably most important.

  • @thomas-chi
    Thanks. How far apart are your mesh points and router?

  • @stefan-du-toit Router in the office, one end of the house, second floor. 1st floor mesh point in the center of the house, about 40-50 feet (through a floor, ceiling, fireplace, and at least two walls). Gets 50-64% signal on 5 Ghz. Basement mesh point underneath the office, but slightly toward the center, I'd guess about 40 feet through two floors and a wall. Gets about 48-60% signal on 2.4 Ghz. So they're pretty decently spaced out.

    I do notice some crazy connections sometimes, like my phone connecting to the basement mesh point from the 2nd floor bedroom next to the office, and right now my 1st floor mesh point is daisy chaining to the basement (???), but at only 20 Mbps I don't notice any slowdown, and most importantly no drops.

  • @geoff-porter Having similar issues, but it's whenever my wife's Macbook Pro connects to our wifi. Within minutes everything is down, the speed test in the app can't connect to do a test. I'm starting to lean towards it being a MacOS High Sierra issue as I have my old router (a linksys WRT1900ac) and if I swap out my Amplifi HD for the Linksys, my network still goes down as soon as the Macbook comes online. Everything works perfectly until then, with multiple streaming devices like Xbox, iPad, Roku, etc. Considering rolling her Mac back to Sierra to see if the issue goes away.

  • @josh-wyatt
    Before you roll back, we are seeing the same issue with iPhones and iPads.

  • Same issue here with all apple devices: iPhone, iPad, Apple TV. This has been going on since middle of last year.

  • I've not noticed the issue affecting iPad/iPhones but it definitely affects my 2015 Macbook Pro. If you try pinging the router or mesh point when you are suffering from the issue you will get really bad response times.

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