VPN and integration software?

  • What type of VPN is being used? Is the source available? The only reason I ask is some of my team was concerned over what was being transferred and mined by Amplifi. Additionally, can this device connect to other Linux ipsec servers? I need to have a connection to work.

    Also does this integrate into the Ubiquiti UniFi software management platform? I have existing POE seitches and access points I'd like to continue to use.

  • @brian-hellman Hi Brian! We don't go into much detail about what VPN software we use. There will be an update that replaces it with a kernel space solution to improve performance.

    AmpliFi collects anonymized statistics about system configuration, e.g. number of active Ethernet ports, whether wired backhaul is used, how many routers and mesh points there are in the system. The router also keeps its IP address and Teleport connection port settings synced with a pairing server, so Teleports can find it. Another interaction is the firmware update service, which queries for updates by MAC address. Finally, there's a signaling server for remote access to the system using WebRTC.

    There's no direct support for Teleport in UniFi, but you can add the AmpliFi router to your UniFi network in bridge mode. The router is able to support multiple Teleports.

  • Thank you for the reply! I've always been a long time fan of Ubiquiti and their products. Hopefully this one will make it into the "enterprise" UniFi system. I plan on continuing to use it, especially since my switches also operate on it. However, that being said, the nerd in me can't resist and I've ordered one from your shop. I travel a lot for work and VPN'ing all of my devices is a pain so hopefully this will save me hassle.

    Thanks again!

  • Just to confirm, I can use the Teleport device to connect back to my home network if I have a full UniFi setup, including USG, PoE Switch, etc.? I don't need to have the AmpliFi router installed for this to work, right?

  • @mike-anderson You need the AmpliFi router. It can sit behind the USG in bridge mode, but you cannot use Teleport without the AmpliFi router.

  • @mike-anderson I think you'll specifically want to buy the Teleport bundle, which includes both the router (the cube is called an "AFi-R") and the Teleport (called an "AFi-ML").

    Then when you set it up, you'll need the AFi-R on your network configured in "Bridge Mode" (so it's not providing NAT services) and then that'll allow you to use your Teleport as you travel to access the rest of your internal network. When you use it in "Bridge Mode", you have the option of it effectively being a 4-port switch or an additional access point for your network in addition to it being your home node for your Teleport communications.

    I think @Albert-Lee and @UBNT-Gunars have basically said all of this, I'm just trying to wrap it all up together (if anything, for others who stumble upon this in the future). 🙂

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