mesh does not reassemble after reboot

  • I have a bundled router with 2 mesh points setup linearly (i.e. router->mesh1->mesh2).. its in bridge mode and normally it works fine.

    however anytime the network power cycles (which due to my rural residence is ~10 days or so) the mesh points do not reassociate with the router. This was also true today when I accepted the firmware updates and everything rebooted. The router comes back fine.

    rebooting any of the individual pieces (I've tried them all) does not help. I need to hold the reset button down on the mesh points for ~15 seconds and then do a factory reset of the router at which point I can set everything up from scratch. That's obviously a giant pain.

    any ideas for troubleshooting? I've given the network over an hour in the past to try and come back up, but it never does. after the factory reset it comes back in a minute or two.

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