Teleport Xfinity Stream Troubleshooting

  • Does anyone have suggestions about how to troubleshoot poor Xfinity Stream app performance using Teleport?
    Are others Teleporting Xfinity Stream successfully?

    Using Xfinity Stream @ Home is no problem at all.

    I have only used DSL Reports Speed Tests, but based on the results using servers in the both the Home & Remote regions I believe I should be able to stream video from Home to Remote at a reasonable rate = 16 Mbps upload from Home to servers near my remote location.

    But when I use the Teleport, it struggles to maintain 0.8 Mbps, fluctuating between 0.5 to 0.8 with occasional bursts up to 1.2 Mbps.

    Could Comcast somehow interfere?
    I never had an issue using a SlingBox.

    Or is the Comcast cable modem the issue (i.e. the half-duplex nature of DOCSIS 3.0)?
    Right now I have to use their modem due to the bundled package and features.


  • Similar but different.

    I've had good success with the Xfinity Roku app working via Teleport on network speeds as slow as 2mbps with ~300ms latency.

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