Limited speed in Router

  • I have just taken new internet connection. The internet speed is 750mbps from the provider.
    I use my router as access point only(bridge mode). When I setup it up in living room, connected to modem(+router) by around 20m lan wire, I get max 100mbps.
    I suspected the wire is not good or its too long I am not sure, so I connected Amplifi with 1m long wire and then I got around 250mbps download speed. Which is still way too low than the connection I have.
    I tested connection by connecting a laptop directly to the modem from the provider and I get 600-700mbps.
    I checked speed of amplifi with the amplifi app performance. And laptop speed connected directly to router with 1m wire was tested with
    I think I need to change the wire from modem to my living room to have better connection there however still it wont cross 250mbps I think.

    What is the maximum banwidth supported by Amplifi in bridge mode? How can I get max possible speed?

  • @satyajeet-kumar In bridge mode, wired clients are expected to reach full 1Gbps speed.

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