WiFi unusable since installing Teleport.

  • Please check incident 76288 for full details and history.

    Received my Teleport last week and installed it (with quite a lot of hacking required, assisted by Chat support), including two updates to firmware (cube and mesh points). Starting the next day, my corporate laptop wouldn't support a stable wifi connection so I opened this ticket with Sheldon. Becky and Chance have been involved over the past week, too.

    All other devices (desktop, 2 personal laptops, multiple mobile devices) were functioning fine, so I thought the new-ish / refurbished corporate laptop was just flaking out and I had it swapped out. Turns out the old laptop (Dell Latitude) and the new laptop (HP EliteBook) exhibit precisely the same problem.

    Lots of troubleshooting with level 2 and level 3 support. Saved logs with the laptop in a stable connected state and with the laptop puking over a ping -t to an external host. When the problem is at its worst, I can't even ping the default gateway address. But other devices are having no problems at all.

    Then my wife returned from a business trip and her corporate Mac is having the same problems as my HP Elitebook.

    With a lot of help from Becky and Chance, we finally back-rev'd the cube and 4 mesh points away from 2.6.2 and back to 2.4.3 firmware, including a factory reset and reconfiguration from scratch for every component (boy, was THAT a tedious experience!). And for a few hours, I seemed to have a stable network. Then, um, not so much. By the next morning, all was not happy again.

    I've currently got hard-wired connections running from my office to hers so we can get our work done. So far, it's been two full days since I sent complete and inclusive diagnostic log files to Latvia for analysis and no meaningful communication has been forthcoming. Becky asks for "more time" to see if she can raise someone from Development, but nobody's seemingly online in Latvia when she's at work, so that's not encouraging.

    I am willing to work through this on Latvia Standard Time, but I can't get any direct connection to the development group even though I'm comfortable with protocol analysis and pretty high level troubleshooting, myself. Translating every single question and answer through Level 2 tech support via a 1.5" x 2" chat window has been less than productive.

    I'm ready to dump the whole system and search for something that actually works, unless someone can offer up some actual functional technical support.


  • @random-user Hi! I think it will be more productive if you're in direct contact with the development team. We have been looking at the support file, but don't have a full conclusion yet.

    @Dmitrijs-Ivanovs please work with the customer to get to the bottom of this. @UBNT-Karlis: can you check if this is due to the antivirus software running on the laptops?

  • "I think it will be more productive if you're in direct contact with the development team."

    This is LITERALLY what I've been trying to convince the support staff of for two full days.

  • When informed of Gunar's comment:

    Chat Support: "Well community is the only way to have direct contact with [the developers]."

    So I'm actually better off skipping the support organization entirely and trying to work through this in a public feed? What's wrong with this picture?

  • @random-user We have private chats on the community (like the one I started with you) to exchange sensitive information, but public threads are very useful too.

  • I'm reporting back to the community on this because it was VERY frustrating, but it also seems to be resolved.

    I worked for a few hours on my own, generating log files that captured problematic operations and the rare full functionality states, as well. Then I randomly discovered a correlation with something in my environment that shouldn't have been related, but was.

    To make a week-long story short, I installed an LED array utility light from Costco in my office a while back (Winplus model LM55970). When that light is powered on, the 5G band on the Amplifi cube was dumbing down to 54Meg from its default of 866Meg. Most of the devices in my environment didn't have a problem with that (four iPhones, two iPads, two laptops, etc.). But three laptops (two Windows and one Mac) were choking. And I suspect that the meshpoints were also choking, since I think they default to the 5G band, too.

    With help from Gunar and Dmitrijs, we shifted the cube's 5G band to channel 36 (instead of its default/automatic choice of 153, I think), and it's currently at 80Mhz. Looks like we're stable now (and the light is on).

    My take-aways from the experience:

    • WiFi ain't so Fi at the higher end of performance settings.
    • For really complicated problems, the chat support option isn't productive (working the problem for a week with no progress over there) and the real gear-heads are hanging out here and working in the Latvian time zone. 2.5 hours working with them got me to resolution. A week with chat support got me only frustration, though it's not their fault, exactly. But and I was very close to sending the whole system back for a refund and going with a different vendor. That was on my to-do list for today, in fact.
    • The answers ARE out there, but you may need to be very patient, very methodical, and VERY observant in order to find them.
    • For the REALLY complicated problems, it's probably up to you to figure out your own stuff. They're here to assist and facilitate, but there are just too many variables and the logs offer limited insight.
    • Oh, and the logs aren't open to the community to examine. That kind of sucks (though I understand the security aspect). But it makes the whole troubleshooting process very opaque for those few interested customers who would be capable of parsing through them on our own.

    At some point in the next couple of days I'll reinstall the Teleport we removed from the system as part of this exercise.

  • To inform the readers: the issue was resolved. There was strong interference at 5 GHz band that was caused by LED lighting (ITM. / ART. 922363; Model: LM55970).

  • @random-user said in WiFi unusable since installing Teleport.:

    we shifted the cube's 5G band to channel 36 (instead of its default/automatic choice of 153, I think), and it's currently at 80Mhz.

    How did you do that? I couldn't find any information about how to change a channel on Amplifi. They have a support page called Band and Channel Selection, but there is 0 information about how to actually do that.

  • @timelord-x You can change the wireless channel and bandwidth through the app. On the iOS app, tap on the router icon, go to wireless, and scroll down to “advanced”. The channel and bandwidth options are there, if you deselect “automatic”. Hope this helps.

  • @thomas-chi thank you 🙂

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