Question about Bridge Mode?

  • Hello Amplifi community,

    I am heading up a project to upgrade a few travel router and hotel security setups for a company. I was wondering how will amplifi handle the handshake between the hotel splash page and a user connected to the amplifi network. Is there a pass through?

    It would be great to deploy the amplifi system as a travel router setup already configured for multiple devices and configured for a camera network for security.

    Has anyone tried this in a hotel environment before I purchases a test unit? How easy is it to set in bridge mode to retrieve internet from the hotel wireless?

    Thanks in advance for any help,

    I have already been using Raspberry Pi's, Hootoo's, and netgears to accomplish what I mentioned above, but I am looking for something a bit more professional and with a bit more coverage.


  • Can the Teleport not accomplish what you need (in conjunction with an AmpliFi base unit)?

  • No, b/c I don't need to access my home network. I need to create a solid travel network which may or may not have wireless security cameras for room security attached to it.

    Teleport is just a VPN to your home Amplifi router. I want to know if I can use Amplifi as a travel router aka how does it perform in bridge mode to other wirelesss networks.



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