Cannot complete login in Cisco-based captive portal

  • Well, it just doesn't work. And while this product is new, I'd have thought that the dev team would have tried harder to make it possible to log in through corporate style captive portals, which require multiple screens. Worse, since the Teleport connects to the WiFi network, but never allows the user to complete the connection, you get this very strange state. You have an address on the remote LAN, but DNS is wrong and no matter what you do, you cannot re-connect to http://amplifi.lan.

    A mess, even for a first release.

  • No response in a month, I guess, because they know it doesn't work and don't even need me to send them logs or other debugging info in order to confirm it's the bug they know they have.

    Let me ask a question: if I can set up the Teleport (a painful, slow process) to connect to the remote router via an iPhone hotspot (which has no authentication portal) but cannot connect to a standard Cisco authentication portal (two login screens which causes Teleport to be "half-connected": you have a local IP address, can access the internet and the device is blinking), don't I have a legit bug?

    Wouldn't it be responsible to consumers of this product to at least acknowledge this post?

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