Need to publish actual VPN specs.

  • Here's the answer I got when I asked "support" for the actual VPN connection documentation, a reasonable request for user who wants to understand how secure the connection is. Instead of "we use IPSec or SSL or even -- hope not -- PPTP, I was told:

    "The AmpliFi has industry standard VPN solution."

    This isn't an answer -- and I think users should be able to assess the level of security the VPN provides based on knowledge, not head-fakes like the response I got.

  • I got a similar reply, but mine was:
    "We don't go into much detail about what VPN software we use. There will be an update that replaces it with a kernel space solution to improve performance." So this tells me right now they are most likely using OpenVPN and will be moving to IPSEC?

    I don't understand why sharing the "how we do it" a big deal honestly. Most people want a "just works" solution - I could build out the teleport system myself with various hardware etc, but I choose to use Amplifi as it should, "Just work"™ I really don't want to worry about maintaining a whole system, and most traveling business people don't either. I know that Amplifi is for "home users", but most home users don't know or care about a VPN - I hope they evolve this into the UniFi space.

  • @brian-hellman said in Need to publish actual VPN specs.:

    I know that Amplifi is for "home users", but most home users don't know or care about a VPN .......

    You answered your own question. That's the reason you get the response you are getting. I use Amplifi in conjunction with some UBNT EdgeMax products at home and can do everything I need - but as you said most home users don't care about.

  • @hanz-shcaerp I don't necessarily agree with that. Just because most people don't care, doesn't mean AmpliFi can't share with the customers that do. AmpliFi as a product is/will be awesome for consumers - the teleport is too, however the market for the teleport will be substantially smaller and most likely limited to us nerds.

    I get the impression that we're getting the replies we're getting because they don't want to share the secret sauce, or perhaps they simply don't know - which I don't think is the case as their support/team seems highly intelligent.

    Regardless of their reasoning, I'm happy they are at least replying and active on the forms. I've been a Ubiquiti proponent for at least 5-6 years now. They make a wonderful product.

  • @brian-hellman Having a background in finance, I can tell you that IS the reason. Individuals think that because something seems so simple for them, companies should just do it even for a few. If there isn't a market for something, it doesn't get done or it goes away. This is not personal to you, but there are a lot of people on this forum that are asking for things that I know will never be done. I guess it doesn't hurt to ask.

    UBNT may be pressured into doing some of these things however I seriously doubt that many of the requests that are out of the consumer space will ever be a part of the Amplifi. They usually will not come right out and say it because you don't want to affect those "nerds" in your market. However it is fun to watch.

  • @alex-neihaus

    My guess based on a portscan and its behavior (same subnet used on both ends) is it's a Tinc vpn. Or at least based on it. More info here:

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