Wireless connection keeps crashing

  • I have a DSL connection and never more than 9 clients connected at once to the mesh router. Over the past couple of months, the wireless connection keeps crashing. Unplugging and rebooting the router does NOT restore the connection. Only a full reboot of the modem restores it, and then a day or two later, it goes out again. I keep uploading support files generated by the app. I've been E-mailing someone in tech support names Presila P regarding my ticket (74798). I was wondering if it could be an IP address conflict. She told me to change the primary DNS address to and the secondary address to That did not solve the problem. She's not responded to my E-mails over the past week. Please help. Thank you.

  • @john-donahue Your support files shows multiple failure points and an unreliable internet connection. We recommend connecting a new ethernet cable. If you see the same issues with a new cable your modem could be causing these issues.

  • I'm using the short cable that came with the Amplifi to connect it to the modem. Is that what's possibly defective?

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