iOS app can't connect if IPV6 enabled

  • This is a current support case, but putting it here for reference. If IPV6 is enabled in the Amplifi, all connections from the iOS app fail with "Unexpected mac format". Existing connections that were already open when IPV6 was enabled are not affected. You can disable IPV6 through the web interface and then reconnect from the iOS app.

  • I'm on iOS and I also have IPv6 enabled, but not solely (also have IPv4) and I can connect with the iOS devices in the Amplifi app.

    With IPv6 enabled, the only issue I've encountered so far is when I reboot the AMPLIFI system and it wants to diagnose it and it takes a few minutes for all of it to "sync" so to speak and it's all good.

    How is your IPv6 configured?

  • As D T notes, no problems here either. Are you using dual stack or is your network IPv6 only?

  • @d-t It's dual stack IPV4/IPV6 using DHCP6 to get config from my ISP. I have a /64 for the link to my ISP and a /48 for my backend network, and the Amplifi is picking one /64 to use from the /48.

  • @mike-scott I'll check my config when I get home and let you know if mine is the same. So far, knock on wood, I don't have any issues with having the iOS connecting via the iOS app.

  • According to Amplifi support it's a known bug that will be fixed in a future version.

  • Firmware 2.4.0 has fixed this issue.

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