• So last night I was trying to use my new system and all a sudden my system just went in to a loop where it would connect and drop over and over again!! So I got on a chat with support and they said it's because of being log in to their remote access using my gmail account, Amplifi needs to give us a choice to weather if we even want to log-in using a media account or not...

    I'm not in to promoting free advertising, anyone who has purchased this system has paid a high price tag for a great system but Amplifi shouldn't make it to where when I use a feature that I'm going to encounter major issues or even security issues with my home network system for their free advertising method.

  • @joshua-estrada Logging into gmail isn't a media account. It's used to find your router when you're accessing it from remote and completely optional. In fact, I see more people on the forums complaining because they can't access remotely because they DIDN'T enable gmail or facebook authentication.

    More information on how federated sign-in's work and why people use them:

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